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Originally Posted by CrimsonKitten View Post
Actually, there is data to support that men in various cultures are more attracted to certain waist to hip ratios. (Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.) You can have a waist to hip ratio that is appealing, but still be over weight. Certain ratios are a way to guesstimate fertility of a partner, but it is one of those primordial things that most people are not aware of. We like to think we're above all that and I guess that I'll be gettin' some hate mail from some of you over that thought. Western cultures generally prefer a ratio of 0.7, Asia 0.6, and there are other cultures that prefer 0.8. Does this guarantee a relationship, no of course not silly. I met and married my current husband while obese. My ratio at the time was 0.8 bordering on a 0.9 He thought I had a pretty face and appearance got me in the door, common interests are what made a more lasting relationship. Don't shoot the messenger, it is just data you can think about. There are always exceptions because chemistry between people is certainly a factor. That all said, I think becoming healthier makes people feel more confident and that confidence attracts other people.

Yes, it can vary across cultures/individuals etc. The big hindrance is if that said man that you like is into you as well. I mean, pretty much all of us have SOME degree of physical preference. Maybe some can say "oh well the weight shouldn't be that big of a deal" but whose to say that our own preferences, which might look reasonable to us, might be considered "too much" to some men? Just like how I prefer seeing myself at a certain weight, I guess I don't mind if someone is more attracted to me at a certain weight - as long as they don't get all rude about it, its all good. Personally, I tend to be drawn to guys that I find very nice and at at least (in my opinion) dead-average looking. If I'm below average, and maybe he too is into someone who is average-looking, ah well! lol

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