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themilesawaygirl- The important thing is you came back and are being accountable. We all slip up, but its the coming back and getting back on track that's most important. Changing your goals because you're repeartedly failing them does not mean you're "cheating", it means you recognize that the goals you set were not the goals you were ready to tackle. I think its really smart to realize when you need to change a goal The first goals should be skewed a little easier anyways. Also, its been a few days so give us an update! lol

Rie-Great exercise plan! OMG You guys are getting married!!!!???? How exciting! Congratulations I actually think its super romantic what you guys are doing and don't worry, you can have a big wedding later on. Gosh, you must be so excited! You have such an exciting life, I'm a little envious First you move to Japan, and now you're getting married and moving to New York. So cool! On a side note, I hope you're out of your slump, I've kind of gotten into one too the last week(TOM hasn't helped). Aw thanks, I don't think I'm cut out for modeling though But yeah, hopefully we can put a shoot together so we can at least have photos of all of us to look back on. My mom has food issues too and is a total feeder as well. I don't have much trouble with her though anymore because she literally does not know what I eat! haha I was raised a vegetarian bc my dad is Seventh Day Adventist, but my mom isn't and she loves meat so she always had trouble figuring out what veggie stuff to feed me anyways. Then with going dairy and gluten free she really has no idea. She will buy me random gluten free cookies, pretzels, ect but its so gross that I end up tossing it or giving it away But yeah, my bf is a total feeder too.

kailpea-So glad you're back! I saw you post on MFP yesterday and was glad to see you posting again. I'm sorry about your husband, but I'm glad you guys were able to talk and figure things out! 5lbs is nothing! You will get that off so fast As far as the slip ups go, they are a part of the journey and being aware of them is important. You know the last few days haven't been great so now you will be better because you recognize where things went wrong and have the tools to do better

This weekend was pretty bad eating wise. I had a friend's birthday party I hosted friday night, then my boyfriend had been planning on taking me out Sat night, then mothers day, plus TOM, and being depressed from my summer school class(have you ever hated a class so much it made you depressed and gave you nightmares? yeah I hadn't either till this class....) But today I'm back on track. I know I didn't really gain any real weight and I was super happy last week to break past 143 finally and get to 141 Today I'm back up to 144 though from the less than stellar weekend

I did have such an awesome weekend though! Went hiking twice, didn't fight with my mom, ate lots of delicious food, and I finally bought a new bikini! A black string bikini! lol I was feeling brave

I totally failed my nutrition goal, I've changed it now a couple times to try and make it work better but its just killing me! I feel kind of dumb about it, because its not that hard of a goal :/ I have a new rewards system though. I've never been able to reward myself in any way before bc of financial issues, but now I can! I'm thinking this will be the final push so I can make it through this goal. Exercise is going great though! I'm doing strength about 3x/wk on average and hiking 4x so I'm actually exceeding my exercise goals. Haha I hate how I always do better in one than the other

Have a great week everyone! I'm including some pics from hiking and one of me and my bf.
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