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Actually, there is data to support that men in various cultures are more attracted to certain waist to hip ratios. (Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.) You can have a waist to hip ratio that is appealing, but still be over weight. Certain ratios are a way to guesstimate fertility of a partner, but it is one of those primordial things that most people are not aware of. We like to think we're above all that and I guess that I'll be gettin' some hate mail from some of you over that thought. Western cultures generally prefer a ratio of 0.7, Asia 0.6, and there are other cultures that prefer 0.8. Does this guarantee a relationship, no of course not silly. I met and married my current husband while obese. My ratio at the time was 0.8 bordering on a 0.9 He thought I had a pretty face and appearance got me in the door, common interests are what made a more lasting relationship. Don't shoot the messenger, it is just data you can think about. There are always exceptions because chemistry between people is certainly a factor. That all said, I think becoming healthier makes people feel more confident and that confidence attracts other people.
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