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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
Well I'm shunned from the 100%ers, after 12.75 weeks at 100% op, a nervous breakdown on Wednesday led me to have a few drinks on Friday. That is all. I don't regret it. I don't feel bad, there is no deeper reason why I chose to have a few drinks. I didn't binge, I didn't get wasted. I went out with friends and enjoyed about 4 drinks over 6 hours and had the best time I've had in months. Now I'm back OP. I do suddenly feel however that this forum was much more supportive when I was 100% can't really explain why but it's all good. Happy Monday
From the sounds of it, this was something that you really needed to do Amber! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. And congratulations for not regretting your decision and getting back on plan!! We each need to do what is best for ourselves during this journey!
You have done great!!
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