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Hello Ladies,

Ah! I don't know what happened. I lost complete focus this past month. I don't even know when I last posted here! I feel so utterly terrible, but I have to remind myself that setbacks are a part of life and at least I am fixing it now. I've only gained 5 lbs, so that isn't terrible. I could have that off in two weeks if I really wanted to. I actually vowed to get back on track yesterday and I actually did really well, Mostly it was because I worked an extra 12 hr shift at work and I packed plenty of healthy snacks. But by the time my shift was over i was famished and a friend needed picked up from work and we went out for Mexican and Margaritas, which pretty much ruined my calories for yesterday. Today, my husband came home from work very upset to the point of tears. He hates his job ( he is a corrections officer and working at the jail is very negative environment). We talked a little and he admitted to being depressed, and he said he is going to try and get counseling. I am very relieved, I think that is part of his problem, with trying to lose weight. He is depressed and drowns it out with food (I can relate) and can't find the energy to work out. So I conceded to going out for breakfast (he works 3rd shift) because that's one of the things we love doing together and it really cheered him up. In hindsight, maybe food to cure a depressed mood wasn't the best thing for him, but we did walk to the restaurant because it is right down the street from us. Once again, completely blew the diet though. So perhaps tomorrow will be the day for me to get back on track?

I need to start posting on here regularly, and I need to start blogging in detail again. That really helped. I am thinking though about moving my weightloss writing to a different blog. Right now the blog I had been writing in was also with my husband. But he has said that right now he is focused on other things, and not the weightloss, so I feel weird keeping a blog about a couple losing weight together when its just me who is writing. I guess, I have come to realize that this is my journey and my story and as much as I want it to be his as well its a very personal thing and we might not be on that path at the same time.

themilesawaygirl I completely know where you are coming from. I have to, have to start logging on MFP everyday. When I got a way from that it was like the pounds just would not come off. glad you are back on board too!

Rie Congrats on the engagement! My marriage was pretty clinical too. My husband and I had be living together for sometime, I had already gone part-time at work so I could pursue school full-time, so I was pretty dependent on him to get through and our goals were pretty much intertwined anyway. I had never really cared all that much about getting married one way or another. We both knew we wanted to be together, and that we were 100% committed to each other , and our goals for the relationship. It didn't matter if we were married or not. For us it honestly came down to matter of health insurance and finances. Sounds terrible, no? After going part time I was paying out the wazoo for health insurance. And it really came down to if I went on his insurance we would be so much better off financially. We looked into it, and considered filing as a common law married. But I felt weird about that so we just decided to go for it and get married. We had a courthouse wedding on a friday evening. Our families and close friends were there. I wore a white dress and he wore a suit, and then over the weekend we had a big party at the lake with all our other friends and family. I thought I would regret it, but I really didn't!
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