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Default A bigger bowl of Jello

Hey all,

I've posted this before, but I found a new flavored water to use that is non-carbonated, and I've updated my preparation method so I'm sharing again. For those of you that enjoy bigger portions, this recipe makes a bowl of gelatin using one clear HNS that is 3x times the volume of the strawberry banana HNS's (12oz instead of 4). It's completely allowed on plan - MRC allows you to add a packet of unflavored gelatin to any of the liquid HNS's. I've just figured out the right ratio of zero calorie flavored beverage to add to get a good consistency.

The new flavored water I like to use I found at Costco - it's called Propel Zero. There are three flavors in the Costco pack: Berry, Grape, and Kiwi Strawberry. All are very complimentary to any of the liquid HNS's I've tried them in. I've made grape, wild berry, orange, and blue raspberry, mixing them with different flavored waters all to good effect.

My bowls are different sized here, so it's hard to get a feel for volume, but on the left is a bowl of grape jello I made with my recipe (1 1/2 cups total), and on the right is the strawberry banana gelatin HNS made according to box directions (1/2 cup total).
HNS gelatin.jpg

Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 C flavored, zero calorie beverage divided equally into two 3/4 C portions
1 packet clear HNS
1 packet unflavored gelatin

1. In a bowl, add 3/4 C flavored beverage and one liquid HNS and set aside, no need to stir.
2. In a small saucepan add remaining 3/4 C beverage and heat on high.
3. When beverage starts to simmer on the stove, sprinkle the packet of gelatin over the HNS mixture in the bowl and time for 1 minute. (If stove beverage begins to boil before minute is up, turn off heat).
4. After one minute, pour the hot beverage into your bowl and stir to combine until all gelatin is dissolved.
5. Refrigerate until firm, typically about three hours.
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