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Cheryl thanks for these tips on grip. This is great stuff; you clearly know your s4!t. Sorry, I just read them this morning. I hadn't been back to this thread, since it looks like I'm the only one doing NROLW -- or if the others are, they are probably posting to the NROLW Facebook group, which has lots of tips & encouragement. The NROL series authors Alwyn Cosgrove, Lou Schuler and Rachel Forsythe even check in from time to time, answering questions or offering advice.

No chalk available at my gym. They don't prohibit it, probably because no one there in living memory has ever used it. It's little NY area boutique gym on a really expensive piece of real estate, so the equipment is really crammed together on the limited floor space. It targets an audience that wants its spin classes and other classes it holds within its mirrored studio. It's just a block & a half from my house, and that's why I settled in there -- because until now, the best gym for me was the easiest gym to get to & fit into my daily routine.

The free weight section is a small afterthought, though I'm lucky in that there is an Olympic bar (just one, though). Yes. there are kettlebells -- so I'm going to check on those for step-ups and weighted lunges. Also it has two separate, really decent sets of dumbbells, one of which includes those precious fractional weights, like 12.5, 17.5, 22.5 and 27.5, which have really helped me progress along.

Still, in many ways, it is not a good place for lifting. I've faced the fact that if I really want to commit to lifting & NROLW, I'm going to have to join another area gym to access more power racks and other machines. There's one called Powerhouse Gym within a mile of me, though I'm not crazy about the neighborhood -- but look, if I get strong enough, I won't have to worry about the neighborhood.

I have made some progress since I last posted:

Deadlift 120 lbs 3 x 10
Dumbbell shoulder press 25 lbs. 3 x 10 (alternating with lat pulldowns, below)
Wanted to try 27.5 lbs but I'm not ready yet

Wide grip lat pulldown 3 x 10* (alternating with the shoulder press)
Finally made it up to 87.5 lbs. *Last set was supposed to be 10, but I made it to 7, needed to drop, then did the last 3.

Lunges, 3x10 (alternating with 2-minute planks), tried 17.5 lbs, only got in one set, had to drop to 15 lbs. for the other two sets.

I am going to try those wrist wraps, too. I think this grip issue isn't helped by years of repetitive stress from keyboarding all day -- just as I think my tight hips probably come from sitting at desks all day. All the more reason to get up and walk around more on the job. What the heck are we doing to our bodies with all the time we spent on devices and laptops and tablets?

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