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Good morning. I'm on some kind of whoosh of epic proportions. In the last two days, I've lost over 9 pounds in water. Of course, I had gained over 9 pounds over the course of 2 days last week, so for once it's nice to see it exit as quickly as it arrived. I imagine that a great deal of it has to do with going back on IF and actually sticking to plan for more than 20 minutes! Ubee, your pep talk helped immensely -- it was just what I needed. Add in the May Day May Day Challenge, and mentally I'm much more committed.

Atalanta Glad that you're finding your diet plan easy to be on and that it's providing healthy food for you to eat. And you're right. Getting healthy and forming new habits does mean that we have to put ourselves at least near the top of the list if not first.
Dgramie Sounds like a really busy day. So sorry about your sister's cancer, but am glad that you're aware that with the family history you need to be much more watchful of your own health.
Fi I really like everything you're telling me and what I saw when I glanced at swap-bot......except for the having to meet deadlines part. It will probably be something I look at for the rainy season, but for summer I'm so busy with yard work and outside activities that it's actually getting much easier to be "good" in the evenings. Plus Ubee gave me the much needed plain talk that I needed on another thread. Thanks, Ubee!

I need to hop in the shower and then get dinner (Midwest roots are showing through as dinner is at noon and supper is the evening meal) started. My younger nephew is coming out so we can celebrate his being hired on full time -- pot roast, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, applesauce, bread and honey butter, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Do you think that he is into carbs? I've done MFP for this meal and know what portions I can have so I'll be able to stay within my calorie and carb count for the day.

Hope all of you who are mothers have a wonderful day. Actually, I hope everyone has a wonderful day with mothers having an extra special day.

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