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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello Coaches, Happy Saturday and an early Happy Mother's Day to the mom's

Today was OP. I am still not 100% after the food poisoning/stomach virus which is disappointing. Gurgle-y tummy and high fiber (like oatmeal) just does NOT agree with me...hoping to heal completely soon.

nationalparker - Sound's like you've had a great day. Awesome that you are fitting in a smaller size even when it shrinks.

maryann Kudos for logging even though it is difficult. Yum for apricots - love them, and cherries too.

Lexxiss Best of luck with you new project and with OP choices during the stress.

BillBlueEyes Picturing you all zinc-ed and shiny, LOL! Do you look like the tin man? Glad you were able to hear the opera.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for logging all your food, walking, and 6K steps. Awesome that you are down again in weight. So sorry you are not feeling well.

Hurray for seven great days and even more for realizing that you feel better with healthy eating.

Hurray for OP and willingness to look at new ways to be healthier. Diet Fix is big on writing everything you eat, then enter it in a program at the end of the day (for calories) and use the knowledge and difficulty level of each day to make wiser planning decisions in the future. If you keep data, you may see where you are using calories that are not worth it and be able to cut back without a stricter plan. One of my cut backs, for example was to replace 1 egg with egg white for higher protein lower calorie, also going to fat free yogurt (plain) helped. I've also raised the amount of protien I was consuming to regulate/reduce hunger (also from diet fix).

FB Beck for Saturday: When you make a dieting mistake, what do you usually say to yourself? How does that compare to what you would say to your best friend if she told you she made a mistake? Very likely you’d be a lot nicer (and more constructive) to your friend than you are to yourself, which isn’t fair! When you make a mistake, be kind to yourself. It will help you recover more quickly and feel better in general.
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