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Hello, all! A stunningly gorgeous sunny spring day here. All I want is to sit out and putter in the garden and enjoy it. Work calls, however, and have been on the computer much of the day. Decided to give myself permission to eat whatever I wanted for today - how much and whatever. Felt freeing in a way. Skipped breakfast as I was busy (rarely ever skip it, because I love breakfast) ... lunch out with DH for mexican and ate half my lunch entree that was a good choice. Dinner was a large salad and two slices of thin crust, non-greasy cheese pizza. What a treat. Was up until 2 a.m. working last night and tonight will be about the same.

Did pick up more birdseed and DH is out there to load up the ground feeder - the female mallard is apparently looking for an easy meal. Between me, the dog and the cats, those ducks are an entertainment. I just don't want to hit a nest with the mower if she's got one in our yard.

Now the challenge will be to get through the evening without a lot of snacking while I'm working. I am looking forward to a slice of pizza around 10 p.m.

Tomorrow is the last day of this project - DH is going to visit his mom in the afternoon.

Heading back home to help out with folks in a week. Major communication breakdown and issues continue with sister, luckily my brother is there and able to prioritize and keeps me in the loop. He's a gem.

Wearing a pair of shorts that didn't fit last year. DH left my jeans in the dryer and they still fit despite being a size smaller than most other pants. That's on my ARCs - to be able to dry everything that should be dried and not have to have pants hanging all over to dry in the winter.

Bill - Hang in there - sounds like it's been a rough week for you. I hope our wonderful weather wings its way to you tomorrow/Monday.

Aiming for personals later when I'm waiting for more data.

So close ... now so far!
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