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Hey ladies! Tried to post this last night but my wireless adapter on my computer took a crap. So, on my lap top plugged into the wall. My computer is 6+ years old, so went ahead an ordered a new one last night.

I have continued to shrink. I am absolutely thrilled, but still craving a 1lb loaded baked potato. I'll skip it for now.

SW 227.8
M - 225.6 (-2.2 ttl) day 1
T - 223.4 (-4.4 ttl) day 2
W -222.8 (-5 ttl) day 3
TH - 221.6 (-6.2 ttl) day 4
F - 221.2 (-6.6 ttl) day 5

My month of food arrives today. I am also supposed to go to a local steak house for dinner tonight. I'm thinking salmon, salad and veggies. I want the friggin potato though

Jen - crazy leg girl. And my heels would be toast walking around on cement all day. I hope you have some serious cush in your shoes sister.

Diana - can't wait to see some artwork! I have 10 ceiling fans in the new house that I wanted to change out. Started googling "painting ceiling fans" and found some FANTASTICALLY fun stuff. Thought of you!

Mavie - stealing your D. Sounds like you have hit a stride with the food! good job! Intermediate dog training starts for Rawly tomorrow. Pray for me. A happy weekend it will be, if I can hammer out my work before I leave! Thanks!

Mtiggie - conference survival debreifing please. I agree with Mavie - don't be so hard on yourself. I will remind you again, you have come a CRAZY long way here.

Carma - bout ready to come look for you. You okay?

I've got work until monday and then leaving for havasu on tuesday. Cannot wait! Will send pics for you girls.

Off to eat and work and relax. to you all!
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