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It is a hard wait!! I signed up for orientation in Jan, was given a call back and finally received a call in Feb with an orientation date for March...Started the program on April 4th. I completely sympathize - waiting from Jan to April was a nightmare!

Between now and then, I would do a few things to start you off in the right direction.

If you don't already, start taking a sugar-free fiber powder.
Not sure how much you drink, but ZERO alcohol is allowed in the program, start cutting back now.
Start drinking water like it's going out of style - minimum of a gallon a day, max 2 gallons.
Start taking small walks. Even 1 lap around your neighborhood. You can't do a lot of exercise on Full Fast to begin with, walking definitely helps.
Start a food journal, write down what you are eating, when you are eating etc. I keep a food journal for all my shakes and water....Every piece of sugar free gum is also notated!
Stop the "I hate my body" thinking - you are in the right direction of changing that. Start positives now.
Start saving up $$ - - bras are expensive and a pain in the butt - bust is one of the first areas you lose weight and you will need to go through a variety of sizes before you get to your goal.

Hope this helps - hang in there!!! July will be here before you know it!! (It better be! That's when I think I am going to switch to Modified)
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