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Gayle, if strawberries help keep your fasting blood sugar low, then by all means, eat them! For me, any snack at bedtime, no matter what it is, raises my blood sugar overnight. We are all different and must find what works for each of us. I would try the strawberries, but I don't like them. LOL

Cajun, the landing sounds so wonderful and relaxing. I hope you get to go there for your birthday!

Mary, I think I did 1-1-1 back in the 60's when I went on my first diet. I didn't know anything about dieting, so I just ate less. My mother would not cook anything special for me, so I would just eat 1 piece of meat, 1 scoop of potatoes (or whatever carb she made) and 1 scoop of vegetables. I did an exercise class at the Y twice a week. It worked. I lost 25 lbs in a few months. The problems started when I started hearing about different diets to try and I got all this diet information running around through my brain.

I always heard that upper body fat is the first to go, therefore, the thinness of the face, loss of boobs, and fingers. Unfortunately, I have never lost enough weight to test that theory.

Kudos to those who are succeeding!

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!

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