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I think I need to decide on minimums-of things I will do no matter what, or NO CHOICE. I have the best intentions but with things being busy and with deadlines looming and working most of the time to meet them, on my down time I don't want to do a thing. And when DH gets home I just want to spend time with him and so we don't do a thing either.

There are a few things I'd like to not to have to face except in unavoidable circumstances:
1) all the dishes being dirty
2) stuff on the coffee table and the floor in the living room
3) a cluttered kitchen table top.

I have all three tonight. Again I have all three.

I'm going to have to force myself to focus there and stay focused. I'm going to have to do this with my food and making choices about the foodstuffs that invite weightloss vs. those that have me stall. Or yo-yo up and down.

That's how things are today.

Oh, I did do some decluttering. I merged two boxes of ceramic tools/materials into one large tackle box from my small one but I discovered the large one (which was abandoned at the studio-for good reason I now know) is broken and so I need to get a replacement. But at least I now know what size I need to buy. I discarded a shoebox worth of stuff and I have only one box to sort through. These various containers of ceramic materials and tools were driving me nuts as I had them in the car for a week intending to sort them. Then I hauled them out at the studio this morning to sort them with a friend and I ended up boxing them up again. Finally this afternoon I did it in the backyard. *credit moi* for persevering.
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