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iconised ghost Man, I need to rethink my workout regimen, haha! But I'm working on not freaking out over small mistakes. I like the idea of being more mindful, what a great challenge!

So my son's school did their annual teacher's appreciation day, and we bake/buy treats like cookies and cupcakes for the teachers. I've always made tent cards with a list of ingredients, because there's quite a few teachers with allergies/dietary restrictions. This year, being mindful of what I'm trying to do (and what many of the teachers are also doing), I decided to reduce the portion size to a real portion instead of the double/oversized portions I usually make, and add the calorie count to the cards.

I wasn't in the room 15 minutes setting up and no less than seven teachers complained - everything from "can't they let us be ignorant for one day?" to "is it me or do the cookies get smaller every year?" to "great, now I can't eat ANYTHING!" I rolled my eyes and left... and was unsurprised to come back 30 minutes later and find the tent cards gone and the low-cal, sugar-free cookies I had made re-labeled as "diabetic friendly."

At least no one can say I didn't try, ugh.

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