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Dh is fishing but I expect he'll be home soon as it is really pouring down! I'm glad I'm indoors. I've been busy this morning...on my second laundry load, and doing housework. Kinda playing a bit of catchup.

My bs was a little lower this morning although still high. I'm just glad to see any lowering.

I've been working on setting up a list or group on FB for my sweepstakes friends that I use as referrals on sweeps. I guess I don't understand it. I've got it set up but all I get all their posts to all the other groups, and can't see my own. It also rotates all the other sweep groups cover picture. I haven't added my own, but why does it show the other groups and not one of my own photos as it does on my other lists. I've created both lists and groups before and never had this happen so I'm puzzled.

Deelou - So proud of you!! I have trouble sticking with it so I admire those that do it.

Cana - I bought a NEW blender...same model other than perhaps updated and the jar and the lid is a bit different. I couldn't find a jar replacement. So far it's working ok. I smell a bit of burned rubber smell but the old one did that too.

Lucinda - I lose weight in my fingers too. I haven't actually lost weight recently so I don't know why but my rings have been slipping off. I have to be careful because I don't want to lose them...did that when I lost weight several years ago. I'm going to have to try some of your taste treats for when you are hungry. Might help me too.

Cajun - Hope cutting back on size of servings works for you. If you only have one of each nutrient and keep to the stated or less serving size, and don't eat in the evening, you should lose I would think. Of course it will depend on how much you were eating before. Also remember to cut back your protein and grains at snacks if you eat them...I tend to forget this. I want us both to have success..

What is everyone doing for Mothers Day? We are babysitting tomorrow night and then going out to eat with their mom and dad after church. Hoping our son and his gf will join us too.

Hi Glynne and other others I've missed. Dh just got home and I need to get busy again.

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