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Like a lot of people, I think it's 50/50.
There were things I could have done to take responsibility, but our society also makes it so hard to resist temptation at every turn. For example, I've lived in Japan before. It's so easy to be thin there without trying because of the way the Japanese live!

Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
On the other hand I have heard people mention genes a lot. I think this is way overplayed. VERY few people were obese 100 years ago. Genes do not change that fast. I do think there is carb sensitivity but it is probably 80% of the population. We were never meant to eat that amount of sugar/carbs we do now. But that is great news. We are not fated to be overweight.
If we change our eating and move more.
It was very powerful to me to understand how toxic the food environment is. Especially in America. It gave me extra incentive and frankly anger to 'resist'. Now I still had to change. I cant wait for the food companies to 'play nice'. They aren't. But knowing they are trying their best to make me a food addict was incredibly powerful for me to resist them.
This is totally me. I have a lot of anger towards the food companies and big pharma/medicine industries for doing everything in their power to keep me blind for so long. I've always had a "rebel against the status quo" streak.
Diet: vegan

Start date: Sept. 2013 at 216lbs
End date: whatever weight gives me a flat stomach. I'm apple-shaped.
216: size 16 jeans, XL shirts
185: size 14
170: size 12, L shirts
165: size 10
159: size 8, M shirts
150: size 6
140: size 4 (can't find anything smaller in womens)
130: size 5 (juniors)

*Note: these are the sizes I usually fit when I try on things at Walmart/Kohls/JCPenny/Sears etc. ALL of them practice vanity sizing.

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