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S/C/G: 216/132/120

Height: 5'9


Harsh Truth:
Men don't care if you're skinny or fat as long as you have the all important female va-jj. I've never gotten further than date #1, fat or skinny. Why? Because I don't want to have sex after the first date. (I don't say anything, but I'm sure they sense I'm not super loose.) If you don't want to have sex immediately, most men aren't interested. Which is why I'll probably be a virgin for the rest of my life unless I get really lucky and meet a true gentleman who's interested in building a relationship before going all the way. I'm old-fashioned, sue me. I don't want any diseases and I think physical intimacy is something you earn thru trust and companionship.

One of the many reasons I decided to lose weight was to possibly get a skinny guy. I felt like it's only fair. I've always eye-balled the skinny guys, but I was fat. If you want a skinny mate, be fair and get skinny yourself. It can't hurt, even if it doesn't really help much.
Diet: vegan

Start date: Sept. 2013 at 216lbs
End date: whatever weight gives me a flat stomach. I'm apple-shaped.
216: size 16 jeans, XL shirts
185: size 14
170: size 12, L shirts
165: size 10
159: size 8, M shirts
150: size 6
140: size 4 (can't find anything smaller in womens)
130: size 5 (juniors)

*Note: these are the sizes I usually fit when I try on things at Walmart/Kohls/JCPenny/Sears etc. ALL of them practice vanity sizing.

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