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Thanks for the support everyone! So, last night turned into a nightmare! The bottom fell out when I was walking to my car in the parking lot - got absolutely soaking wet - like I had jumped in a pool. So, co-worker and I drove to the airport and just MASSIVE flash flooding everywhere. Got to Hertz rental and dropped the car off. Yet again, continuing to be soaked. Had to stand outside for 20 mins waiting on shuttle and there were straight line winds gusting with the rain. Just stood there because at that point, not much else to do! So, got to the terminal and had to be herded into the tornado shelter due to the tornado warning since once was spotted pretty close by. Got changed into a different outfit, got to gate. Flight cancelled (you would think they would have cancelled before all this, but no!). Sooo....last step - get on the phone and luckily due to status got re-booked on the later flight going out of the other Dallas airport so had to hop in a cab and spend an hour in traffic getting to the other airport (only like 15 miles away lol). Of course had crazy delays there - so what was originally a 5:30pm flight finally left DFW at 11:30pm. Landed in GA at 1:45am and drove home and walked in the door at 3:45am. Woke up at 8am for my doctors appointment....

So anyways, that's my saga and how does the weight loss angels reward me for all that hard work this week?? They don't! Only lost 1 pound. I was so disappointed, but I'm hoping it's lack of sleep and lack of BM's. Blah!

LGW, I have some coworkers that got fit bits and are doing the walking challenge. They really love it and track their steps like calories!! You are so right about a 3 week wait! Geez! Think they would offer like a $50-100 expedited fee or something to get that down to 1 week for those that are eager. Motivation and timing is everything in the weight loss world!

Rennie, sorry for TOM Mine is in a week or so.....ugh. Not looking forward to it!

Olivia, Have fun with your family!!!

katerina, hope you have safe trip and have fun as well!!

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