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Morning, girls (or afternoon, if you are in the East lol):

K31 - so glad things went smoothly for you guys and now relaxing with the pups - good for all of you.

akrosie - I hope for all your sakes the doc actually did a proper job on the surgeries! Scary!

Lucinda - broccoli & mustard = yum! Sometimes all we need when we have the hungries is to taste something powerful or spicy - that makes our mouths happy, lol.

Have a great time, Cajun - dance like a maniac!!! Then dance some more for me,

maryea - Great you could find a replacement for your blender jar... I have a waaay old Oster combo set that we got as a wedding present - blender, salad slicer, meat grinder, mixer lol. It's an ugly "almond" colour but that was the thing back then; still works like a charm, not like the crap that's being made now... Seems like any small kitchen electrical appliance these days goes kaput in a couple years and there are NO replacement parts


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