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Good morning. It's Friday chaos. Packing working picking up in the house. I seasoned some pork chops for tonight. I'm getting off at 1 today because I have to go renew my drivers license. It expires tomorrow on my birthday. I will be 53 years old. We hope to be able to go fishing tomorrow. There is rain in our forcast for today. 1 channel is giving rain for tomorrow 1 is not. Who to believe. I'm excited because my family will be all together this weekend at the camp. Could not ask for a better birthday/Mother's Day weekend.

I repaired some lunches and snacks for the boat. Hopefully I can have another weekend on plan.

Mary I'm trying to reduce my serving size. Hopefully it helps.

Rosey I know how it feels to be sunburnt. I'm still burnt from last weekends fishing trip. This weekends supposed to be cloudy so that's good. I'm starting to peel. Hope your dh wasn't one of them that were butchered by that doc.

K31 there's no place like home. Glad to hear your Tim is ok after his treatment.

Lucinda the marina we go to is so much fun. We go all the time. The atmosphere is so relaxing. Very Cajun south louisiana culture.

Canada I lost a good bit of weight and always had a pretty flat stomach except for a lil pooch on my lower belly. Recently I gained some weight back and it came back in my upper belly. I'm thinking it's partially because of menopause. I hate that bulge at the top of my belly.

Gayle you are right. We always have things to do on the weekends. Usually we fish and camp from May thru September and hunt and camp October thru February. Usually March and April we catch up on anything that needs repairs around the house. Now it's those 2 sons that keep us busy with their projects for their own houses now. I think we are finished with them for awhile. Now it's time to play!!!!(fish)

Bobbi how are you doing?

K3. Thinking of you. Hope you are healing ok.

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Hugs cajun
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