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Good morning ladies! No personals today sorry!

I was able to get in 1.5 miles yesterday. That was good. Today I am going for 4 miles. Its nice outside, but its wet and slippery right now so I think I am going to stay on the treadmill today.

What caused the clot~ walking on cement floors, hormones, long car rides. . .my life. At least it isn't life threatening.

W 80 oz!!! drink this
E 4 miles, arms and abs!!!!
E GF. I've been struggling with this why oh why??? OH Mid-cycle eating monster has taken over. I lost the battle again yesterday, but now that I understand why I can try to fight it!!! (OH and with mothers day coming up and a birthday party this weekend I don't know how much control I will have!)
D Fight the food monster that is inside of me. TRY to satiate it with veggies and hummus!!!

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