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I'm still in good spirits but something is going on with my sleep. I said I got a little more sleep night before last but what I didn't say was that I tossed and turned the entire night. I thought it was a fluke but the same thing happened last night. I take melatonin to fall asleep bc having disrupted sleep (due to my daughter) for almost 4 yrs has basically rendered me incapable of falling asleep on my own. I used to think the problem was caffeine but since stopping soda almost 3 mths ago the only caffeine I drink is 1/2 a cup of coffee in the morning so I just don't see how that small amount can cause this problem. I only make decaf tea at home and outside of the coffee and decaf tea, my only other beverage is water. Anyway all that to say that the past two nights I have taken my melatonin as usual but not been able to sleep. Last night in desperation I even took more melatonin around 2 am (had been in bed since 10 pm). I did eventually sleep but probably not til 4 am and my daughter was up at 6:30. Needless to say I am still exhausted. I'm pondering taking a benedryl tonight. The weight I gained is still hanging on. At this point, though I met it previously, I might not meet my chicken goal!

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