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Glad to have found this thread! First time posting here --
I'm 31, married and have a 12 year old daughter.

My wake up call as to holy cow, you have let yourself get huge was that my daughter was having a field trip for 6th grade (at our school system 6th is in the elementary school still). I was determined to take more part in things going on, especially with this being her last year. I've never not been interested, just embarrsed at my apperance.

Anyway, I was really debating if I could go on the field trip or not becuase I did not know if I could FIT in the seat on the coach bus!!!!!

I still don't know if I can - but I am down 12 lbs so far and am continuing to lose weight - so I'm hoping it won't be an embarrasing situation.

Right now, my motiviation is pretty high, but I know we all hit those slumps from time to time so this thread is awesome! I will be needing that swift kick at some point I am sure!!!

I've been reading through a lot and like most of you all - sweets have been a major down fall for me.

I had a friend who started on Atkins and I kind of toyed around with doing it - so I monitred my carb intake for a few days --- 150 - 200g+. I was floored, so I decided to start it right away - in 1 week I lost 12 lbs and all my cravings for sweets and bread and junk have honestly disappeared. And my energy level has sky rocketed. Any diet I've ever done this has always been a huge struggle for me. I also do not feel hungry and still keep my calorie intake right around 1200-1500.

My job is sitting on my ever expanding rump in front of a computer for what ends up being 12+hrs on most days. So I've been making a point to be more active --- I started walking my driveway three times a week - we live in the country so my driveway is almost a mile one way - with a steep uphill incline in both directions. The first day I couldn't believe I made it the whole way so now I'm just keeping it up.

You all have hit the nail on the head ---- there is no food, there is no drink, there is no treat that is worth your LIFE. Whatever works for you diet wise AND is something you can maintain for the rest of your life, do it. Don't make excuses, don't roll around in your self-pity, misery, and excuses. Make a change, and stick to it.
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