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Good loss Serenity. I like the Beck Diet solution also. Lots of good thoughts in it.

Well -- Thursday didn't make me happy. I got the results of my knee MRI (long story behind it). The main things from the orthopedic surgeon were:

1. What I thought might be a hamstring strain is actually a microfracture (a trabecular bone injury). The part that is no fun is that I've been told to use crutches or a walker for 4 week, non weight bearing except for balance. I had a walker already from when I broke my ankle several years ago. I hate, hate, hate using a walker. You basically have to hop and it is very stressful. My hands are already sore where I grip the walker and the leg that I am hopping on is under a lot of stress also. So this next 4 weeks will be totally unfun. I basically won't be going anywhere except when I have to (I do plan to go to WW Friday). And, this will lower my calorie burn since I can't do my normal exercise and I won't even be getting normal steps since I'll be avoiding doing much walking. I have been told that I can use my Rowing machine so long as the knee doesn't hurt so I'll get some calories from that.

2. I had major knee surgery (tibial transfer) about 17 years ago. I knew then I didn't have much cartilage. Well, basically I am now bone on bone with arthritis in that knee. Even worse, I've been told that even walking isn't an ideal exercise for me (I've been using the treadmill a lot and love walking). He suggested swimming (which I don't really want to do), cycling (my seat gets sore and I find it boring) or elliptical. I'm probably leaning to doing the elliptical but I am just really unhappy about having to give up walking.
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