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Originally Posted by jms78258 View Post
Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this site, and to the IP diet! I tried to start it about 3 weeks ago, and I REALLY STRUGGLED with the soups and the 2x/day food I could eat. I love the 1x/day food, though and wish I could eat it more!!! The bars & salt/vinegar chips are DELISH!!!

I'm really anxious to start, as I have about 65-70lbs to lose, and I want to follow this strictly since I know cheating is a BIG no-no. I just had a major event two weeks ago where many people in my association saw me (and lots of photos... ugh... I didn't realize how bad it had gotten!) My next big event is the first week of September, and I'd LOVE to really "wow" people with a weight-loss transformation.

Soooooo, in order to not cheat:

Anyone else had issues with the food and found ways to make the food tasty?


Ruth Ann is right there are LOTS of good recipes and tips around this forum. It'll take you hours to go through them. I just had my first weigh in and I think seeing the pounds come off is a HUGE motivation. (seeing the scale last week made me nearly cry, this week almost laugh at the progress!)
What I've been doing is trying to include my veggies in with the protein packs even for lunch, I'm used to eating one thing and a lot of it for a meal so I put the veggies in the soup and it makes me feel like I had A LOT of soup, same thing with the omelettes the veggies really bulk it up and make me feel like I'm eating a lot more than I really am.

Also with the soups I've found that enhancing flavour is just a matter of spices. I usually boil or steam my veggies going in the soup with a whole bunch of spices so they add a little more flavour in the soups.

But yeah there are lots of tips on the forum on how to enhance flavours, I'm just a newbie myself.
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