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Originally Posted by mars735 View Post
Sorry to hear you are sick. What did she say when you asked her to cover her mouth when coughing and wash her hands?

For future reference, here's something that might help you avoid catching colds: absolutely do not touch your face without washing your hands first. That means no rubbing your eyes, no resting cheek on your hand, etc. It's really hard to practice this but gets easier as you do it more. It will prevent you from catching whatever's going around the office.
Ugh, she is one of those people who just don't "critique" - she'll throw you under the bus faster than anyone. I didn't out right ask her, but I did loudly exclaim that we should all start wearing SARS masks around here lol. Seriously, she's late fifties typical tupperware sales lady/church lady - she should know better!! lol

you're right about the face touching, but it's so hard! lol i try to be more aware of it when i'm at work but i do it so much!

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