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Originally Posted by KTG1981 View Post
Change doctors. Keep asking. And let us know what you hear!

My experience is that you've REALLY GOT TO FIGHT FOR YOURSELF in this. This morning I got brave, myself, and booked an appointment with a new endo.

My experience thus far:
I first saw a doctor (just a GP), looking for weight loss help, about 7 years ago. I gave him a quick rundown of my nutrition and lifestyle. He told me to "put down the cookies and pick up the carrots." I repeated the part about 4 days a week at the gym. He put me on phentermine. Turns out, phentermine makes me crazy. I don't sleep and spend my days panicky and paranoid. I lost 20 lbs, but stayed on it less than a year.

My life went on, and my weight loss struggle continued. A couple years ago I decided to go directly to an endocrinologist because my research was making PCOS/IR look like a possibility, and I was working out and eating right without weight loss.

He put me on 1000(g? mg?) of metformin and 1200 cals for 3 months. I lost a pound. He took me to 1500 met/1000 cals for another 3 months. I lost 2 more pounds.

About two weeks before my followup appointment, I hurt my feet in a race and was placed on no-impact. I immediately gained 7 lbs (while maintaining my diet).

Went to the followup with six months worth of dietary and fitness logs. He didn't even open the binder. Instead, he patted his stomach, told me that calories in equaled calories out, and suggested surgery. I didn't go back.

Now it's two years, a constant succession of foot/ankle injuries, and 50lbs later. I FINALLY got my clearance to work out again in February and have been working with a trainer ever since. I feel great, and love being able to move again, but have only lost 5lbs.

I have been trying to be smart but gentle with my food tracking (I get a little obsessive once I start measuring), but started logging again today so I have something to show the new endo on 5/28.

Apologies for the Wall of Text, OP, but I really appreciate the tips I'm seeing here, and would love to hear any suggestions on how to have the conversation with the endo without sounding like a lazy liar.
SHEESH at those harsh remarks your doc made!How rude!!!If they only knew how it feels to give it your all and go for years with minimal losses while other people can lose a whole person.

I will definitely come back and update when I go to the doc.I have been looking at reproductive endocrinologists in other cities who specialize in this sort of things.I have to get answers because I am at my wits end.I know what you mean about wondering how to explain your situation without the doc automatically thinking you're one of those people who expect weight loss without doing anything. Did Metformin give you any side effects?
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