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I broke the jar off my Oster blender, otherwise it was fine. Tried both on and offline to find one but none were quite the same. So today I bought one at Costco for $27.99! Same blender except the lid is a little different. Can't get much cheaper than that..

Have some plans for the weekend...we are babysitting gk and then going out to eat after church with our dd and her fam and hopefully our son and his gf too.

cereal - carb
nf milk - pro
pecans - 1 T fat

am snack
3 samples - carb and fat
1/2 cup nf milk -pro

beef and bean chimi - pro and carb
salad topped with 2 chopped pecan halves - free veggies and fat

Cajun - LOL I'm the opposite of you too. I'd want a little steak but the whole potato. I rarely eat the full serving of meat. I'm almost a vegetarian except I can't quite give up meat...I like small portions of it most days. So a lot of my protein comes from dairy and nuts. I'm like you about not liking to be the center of attention. Within my fam its ok, but not outsiders.

Cana - So true. Mine is my belly esp my midriff ..probably the worst place! Very unfeminine, but that's the way it is. I admire the gals that have small waists even when heavier than I otherwise sometimes! My mom was like that. If I ever lose the belly weight, I'll be straight with hanging skin I guess. When I lost weight before I too lost it in my feet. I was amazed! I thought the shoe manufactures were just making shoes smaller.

The servings given in the 1-1-1 book are the MAXIMUM serving. They are not a regular one serving. It can be a little confusing at first. She does this for a reason. For some people like very large men, it might be appropriate. But we don't have to eat than much. Also at some meals I might eat only 2 T of rice, another meal I may want the whole cup but realize that is my ONLY carb at that meal and I am allowed up to the 3 carb servings a meal (45 gms). I use my judgement and do not do this every meal.

The great thing about this strategy for eating is that it isn't a diet really...and YOU have control. She says that most of us have dieted and regained. We know how to eat and how much to eat or not eat. She is just giving us an easy strategy on how to proportion our foods better. She doesn't even push necessarily healthy foods although she recommends that we eat healthy most of the time, but this is not about eating diet foods or telliing us what to eat or what not to eat. it's about teaching us to eat proportionately. If we are consistently eating in this balanced way we should prevent that rush of insulin. She doesn't get much into all the science like other books I've read, just gives you the steps to take. When I was doing it consistently and carefully and not eating at night I achieved this.

And like with cereals...the serving size for dry cereal is 1 cup, but I know that one cup of some cereals is too many carbs for me so I have to cut back. But the thing is it is MY choice so I don't feel deprived. Actually because the servings can be more than I was eating... I actually feel less hungry. Now if I can just get back to not eating in the evening...or just eating veggies at's just a bad habit.

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