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I am low carb due to diabetes type 2 ...eating low carb is the only way to keep my blood sugar in line without having to start insulin at some point ( right now just on pills ). Also I could never lose any good amount of weight and keep it off while eating sugar and starches.
Also of course I am gonna feel so much better and have more energy when my blood sugar is in line...I've been feeling really good.

I eat "clean", meaning I do not eat anything processed ...don't eat sugar or starches either ...lots of meat, veggies, and occasional fruit ...and dairy on occasion ...not gonna say this choice has been easy but my body is getting used to it ( been 2.5 months now ) and I'm seeing not only the scale number come down but also my body changing ...also my A1C is perfect and so are my other numbers...

I will say my tryglicerides are always a little high, so I'm hoping following this diet can lower them by the next time I get them checked. Before I started eating this way they were hanging around 299.
*** 199 by July 4th !! ***


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