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I eat low-carb because it's the only thing that works for me, both for weight loss and for overall health.

Several years ago, when I first realized I had to do something about my weight, "whole grains" was the big health thing. I transitioned from "white stuff" to "brown stuff"....and gained 30 pounds in less than two months! WTH? This led me to do a lot of research and a lot of experimenting. I've learned that...

I'm wheat intolerant. I stop eating wheat and a million unpleasant symptoms vanish, practically overnight.

My body hates all grain carbs, not just wheat.

Severely limiting my grain intake helps me control my appetite and my blood sugar. I have insulin resistance, so my blood sugar tends to skyrocket and plummet with alarming rapidity, unless I'm eating properly.

I also have to eat protein when I eat carbs, to manage my blood sugar.

I cannot go Atkins low with carbs. I begin to feel ill in multiple ways without adequate fruits and veggies.

My "magic formula" is <100 grams carbs I lose weight, 100 grams of carbs I maintain, >100 grams carbs I gain weight. The one caveat to that, though, is that the carbs have to come primarily from veggies, fruit, and dairy. Too many grains, no matter the carb count, stalls my weight loss and ultimately makes me gain.

These are my target numbers:
Carbs - 20% = 60-77
Protein - 30% = 90-116
Fat - 50% = 65-86
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