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Kris! WOW the stress!!! I am glad you had your NS, because I would be completely grabbing comfort food!

Diana~ I hope you enjoy your garden club!!

Mindy~ I promise I will do my best to keep you going!

MM~ Hurray for getting below 155!

Well last night I gave in to the pain and ate some comfort food. It was not gluten free. And I had a couple of glasses of wine Today is a new day. I will continue to work on being gluten free.

The leg looks absolutely NASTY after work last night, so I took a vacation day today. 5 days of not standing on a concrete floor! I'm gonna hop on my treadmill though and try to get in a mile of walk/run. If it doesn't hurt I will do more!

W 80 oz
E get in a mile or more
D Get some housework done.
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