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Interesting discussion about our no choice items. I think my entire diet strategy could be described as no choice. Monday through Friday I eat three plates of food a day. And no dessert even if it fits on the plate. The limit is the plate itself rather than a calorie limit. (I don’t trust myself to keep up calorie counting over the long haul so I’m looking for a way around it.) Snack? No choice. Seconds? No choice. Dessert? No choice. Liquid calories? No choice. (That one is my biggest sacrifice because I love sweet creamy coffee). These no choices take care of a bunch of other no choices, so I don’t have to think about it. Like, I don’t eat standing up because who wants to eat off a dinner plate without sitting down. It’s inconvenient. I don’t nibble in the kitchen or eat in the car because it’s not on my plate. On the weekends, against Beck (and Diet Fix) advice, I don’t follow these rules. The only rule on the weekend is literally don’t be an idiot.

After a slow warm up period, I started grooving on the Diet Fix today. I was contemplating how I am going to have a big mocha this weekend and the thought whispered through…could you be happy with the medium or even the small? Well, yes, I probably could. I will find out. And the best part is that it’s the weekend so I can have another if it turns out I’m not happy.

OP today. Ran 5K with a new personal best of 34 minutes, which is better than an 11 minute mile. (Yay!)

Warm welcome to Lorrie!

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