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Default NSV: Sleeveless Dress to Work

I have always been particularly self-conscious of my arms, which are one of the first places fat goes when I gain weight. They get puffy, a little cellulite-y... it ain't pretty.

I started doing weights more than a month ago, which has given me tremendous confidence. I'm going through that initial scale plateau where you gain muscle and are losing fat. I'm the same number on the scale, but just as how I gain fat in my arms first, it was one of the first places I noticed fat leaving. They're still a little puffy, yes, but in a more fetching, bombshell pinup style way.

For the first time in... umm... five years, I wore a sleeveless dress to work. A workplace which, might I add, is a testosterone fest. Out of more than 60 employees, there are only 8 women. This is a real estate firm in Los Angeles, might I add. Everyone there could model, with the exception of myself and perhaps four other people.

Anyway, I attribute this non-scale victory half to less puffy arms, and half to just plain confidence boosting which comes with a regimented workout plan.

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