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Thanks so much for the information I said, I'm new to this ( my husband is following too ) and am learning daily ...I did let my husband make our beef short ribs yesterday with the organic coconut oil instead of the regular oil we were using, so I am learning haha ...I also checked out the butter I had and it was junk I'm gonna go look for some grass fed.

We are doing the low carb thing but we are also trying to be smart about what we are putting in our bodies...we eat mostly organic veggies and meats from Whole Foods...I used to not even eat vegetables and since starting low carb I like them actually ...weird.

I will say, and you are exactly right, that my appetite after doing this for a few months now has plummeted ...I'm fuller longer and don't have the "I'm dieting, so I'm starving mood swings" ...and like I said above I'm diabetic so really low carb is the way my body works best anyhow.

Now I have to brush up on the difference between the Omega 3 and 6's ...I'm a little confused by all that, so need to do my research.

Have a good one.

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