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BTW I get it on the mental stuff with fat. I didn't try my first coconut oil until January. I read and read about it. When I took my first tablespoon I paused. Because we are taught saturated fat will kill us. But do your research. It was all a big fat lie based on awful science, 7 country study, and politics and money.

Then I applied common sense. When people eat lard, tallow, grass fed butter coconut oil they were not getting obese, heart disease, or cancer for the most part. When they STOPPED those soared. Island populations eating vast amounts of coconut oil have virtually no heart disease.

It needs to be virgin and organic though.

It does rev up metabolism and cuts appetite. I have between 1 and 4 tablespoons daily. One tablespoon has 13 grams saturated fat or 67% RDA. But the RDA is a joke to me. Way too high on carbs. And fat is so filling it self regulates.

Anyhow my cholesterol has barely budged since I upped my fat probably by 5 times. And I bet most of my slight increase, 150 total to 163 is upping HDL. Not sure because the 163 result is from giving blood and they just give one total number.

I posted links to this in another thread, but worth posting again. Fat phobia is dying.

BTW I did NOT set out to be low carb high fat. I set out to be healthy. I had a completely open mind and the research led me to LCHF.

I could write a book about why (and I am going to try). Use twitter. Follow @proftimnoakes he is a great follow.

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