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I'm not sure how many carbs I eat. I never once counted. One of the most incredible things of low carb high fat is your appetite plummets. It might take some time and that varies from person to person. But it WILL plummet. Every single person that has stuck through a transition time has reported this. As long as they are high fat not high protein. Cold turkey from bread, pasta, potatoes, junk food, fast food can and does work. Just remember you are likely to feel awful for a few days.

That means it is working. How cool is this? On carbs our bodies need carbs. But when you stop your cells will convert to their natural energy source, fat. But it takes a few days. So worth it though.

Olive oil is great for salads but not cooking. It breaks down. Coconut oil is wonderful for cooking. Butter we sauté veggies and eggs in. I also cook with lard and tallow from US Wellness. Around $13 for a tub that is 2lbs or so. Each tub lasts a long time.

BTW fat is not mostly eating fat itself directly. It is fat from nuts, meat, fish, avocado, eggs, etc. Although I do personally eat coconut oil and butter directly in coffee.

If you were ever hungry all the time like me this is the best thing in the world. I can't describe how unhungry and full I am all the time. Also your mental energy and mood go through the roof. It is around a year now for me and each month gets better and better. Just know we evolved eating fats (not vegetable oils though!) and when we eat them our bodies just thrive.

Also fats get burned. Ironically it is sugar and carbs our bodies turn into fat deposits that hurt arteries. Not direct consumption of fat. And cholesterol is mostly produced by liver round the clock and your diet barely budges it. Except high fat diets are good at upping the HDL.

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