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Credits for today:
Logged food before I ate it and then checked it
Went to gym and worked with PT
Walked dogs and have made 8000 steps - won't make 10K today
Listened to motivation recording today and slept to the weight loss hypnotherapy last night
Made a healthy dinner that will cover a few days

My healthy dinner could be a challenge. I made chicken stock today so I am making Mexican Chicken Lime Soup (which seems quite easy) - but it has a whole can of chipotle chilli in adobe sauce. I have a feeling it might be way too hot for my taste so might add the can slowly and see what I can tolerate, but a bit of chilli to warm up the body and increase the metabolism might be good. I do like Mexican - my first job in 1969 was in the office of a group of restaurants/bars - run by an American businessman and the bars staffed by ex green berets. I wondered why they were all so tall and strong (long story about how years later I learned they were green berets in a different life). It was in Kings Cross (gasp) and it was targeted at US boys on R'n'R from the Vietnam war who were looking for a little slice of home. I got a taste for good Mexican that I can't really satisfy most places. It was an interesting time all round really.

BillBE - Yay for school nurses. Hope you are gradually improving

Freely - I might steal some of your NO CHOICE items - I should take the "Never read or watch t.v. while I am eating" but I don't have a dining table in my little studio and I sit at the desk all day. Will think about a compromise

CeeJay - great list of credits and credit for an on plan day

Waving to all the rest of you - take care

Short Term Goal

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