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Default Yay for the day being over.

Hey sisters! I had a crazy day too! Been storing files in a recycle can at work, new janitors dumped them last night. Spent 1st hour of work dumpster diving. Found them.

Meeting with City Manager. Deficit is a freaking nightmare. Losing people. Need to drink.

Hubby called. New house we haven't moved into is infested with termites.

Back to work to pound out budget stuff only to find out 2 of our 6 wells are shut down due to bad water quality. Oh yah, and we have to HAND deliver this "drink this water and you might die notice" to 10000 customers within 24hours or the Dept of Public Health will reign terror down on us. I need a break already.

I can't make this crap up ladies. Thank goodness for NUTRISYSTEM today. It would have been a mess if my bag had not been packed.

Mavie - Rawly says hello. Derby says take Rawly back east. :0) I should be walking them right now.

Diana! Good to see you back. Hope the garden club went well. Paper making??? Interesting.

JCat - Glad to hear you are clear for take off. My doc said an aspirin a day a while ago. You just reminded me I need to, too. Hope you run to your hearts desire tomorrow.

Mtiggie - you and that conference don't have to like each other, you just have to survive each other. Don't eat desert.

Ms. Carma..... check one, check two... hello?

Working well so far girls:
SW 227.8
M - 225.6 (-2.2 ttl) day 1
T - 223.4 (-4.4 ttl) day 2

going to try to get another glass of water down before working 4 more hours. BE GOOD!
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