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I got up late as I didn't sleep much last night, so the day has gone fast. Then we went grocery shopping. I've gotten very little done here at home. I've done pretty well with my eating today, however my bs remains high. I do feel I ate dinner a little too early tonight as my lunch was late and that didn't help. Not posting my meals today as I'm too lazy. LOL But I haven't done badly.

Jess - Glad you have maintained your weightloss. That's not always so easy.

Cajun - you don't have to eat the whole serving. It is just the max you should eat of any of the three nutrients, not the required or even recommended amounts. I can see where that could be confusing. I eat just what I feel right about but not more than the serving. But that said, I find I can actually eat more than I ever used to think I could eat when I eat only the ONE serv of each nutrient and I don't eat in the evening. It works out about right for me and because I am eating more at meals, I'm rarely really hungry. The eve eating is my problem but I don't eat out of real physical hunger, it is habit and for taste (emotional).

Millie - Glad you posted. Most of us have our struggles but we keep trying. Every day you try is one day of better health than if you didn't.

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