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Floral shorts - - I was on Implanon (a type of birth control stick in the arm) for 5 years...Started it at 19, had it replaced at 22 as it has a 3 year life cycle, removed it at 24 (about 2 weeks before turning 25) when we decided to start trying for a family.

I gained a LOT of weight with the second insertion of Implanon, I didn't have my period more than a half dozen times during those 5 years. Now I have an unbelieveably messed up cycle (have gone up to 18 weeks in between periods! - They hope I will regulate after losing weight - they think the irregular periods and my ocular migraines are both a result of high estrogen levels which is a result of high fat percentage in the body (like you pointed out).

Life is so much fun, isn't it?
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