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Busy day at work, but figured I'd pop on with a short note regarding my "NO choice" ... I tend to use that for situations, vs. an all-time rule. What works for me is when I'm tempted I use it to quell the temptation and stop the mental debate of, "well, if I had that, I'd have to skip X, Y, and Z, ... I haven't had that in ages ... it looks good, etc." No choice in those situations just ends it.

Lunch is light today - thought I could race home for a pet visit and move them around so different ones have different window views (I have one cat who must be kept apart from other two cats, but can be with the dog.) Yes, four pets. Luckily it's so busy, I won't have time to think of what I could be snacking on.

Mallards have been morning and evening visitors to my ground birdfeeder. They're wiping me out and getting a bit pudgy, but I love to see how trusting the female is, while the male is quacking his warnings to her. Drive home today involves getting more birdseed. Shocked that our pooch just sat on the porch this morning, watching them vs. barking her fool head off. Zen dog?

So close ... now so far!
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