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Good morning all. We're on a roll here -- two days in a row without rain, rain, rain. I realize that many would welcome some rain, but we had already had the normal rainfall for the entire month by the 3rd of May. I may even be able to get the grass cut today! Sorry I missed yesterday -- took my BIL to the airport and left here at 5:15 AM, then went grocery, Home Depot (plant stuff), and Costco shopping as long as I was in town.

Fi Hope Bob feels better soon. It's been decades since I had a sick husband to contend with, but I do remember that he, too, was a poor patient. Glad you're making progress on the BERP and the cat tower sounds really neat. Thanks for the update on the breathing exercise timing. A couple of hours in advance I can handle.
Dean Congrats on leaping the graduation hurdles and your blueberry coffee sounds yummy. Sounds like you've got a lot going on -- wish that crepe myrtles did well out here as I miss them.
Terra What part of Kansas do you hail from? (what a horribly constructed sentence!) We lived in Lawrence for a year while my husband was in grad school and absolutely loved it. Good for you to keep walking in all the heat you're having -- hope this isn't how your entire summer is going to be.
Sam Congrats on the leggings -- you are definitely rockin' it. Hope that abdominal pain goes away. Definitely go see a doctor if it doesn't.
Restless If there's an expert who says that 2 hours of sleep is enough, I think I would question his/her credentials. Sounds like a bad night. Hope your blood sugar is stabilizing -- not something to mess with as you well know (didn't mean that to sound like I was preaching to the choir).
Ubee I had another disaster eating day yesterday so I think the screen suit idea is a sound one. Bill is going to the bi-annual sibling reunion and on his annual fishing trip with his buddies from grade school. They're been fishing together for 68 years! I've decided I need to focus on doing fun things more and on all the work to keep this place going less.....maybe that will get my mind where it needs to be.
Sugar Sounds like you've got this calorie counting thing working well for you. I am in awe of how easily you communicate in English including the idioms. Learning a second language (except for Fi) is one of the great shortcomings of our education system here in the US.

Eating plans for the day are all mapped out, going to the gym and then to cut the grass and get some trimming done. Later I've got to go to the Co-op and see if I can get the cash register to communicate with the laptop. Have a great day everyone!

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