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I have the Fitbit One and before that the Ultra. I wore them both together for awhile to compare accuracy and also previously used an app and a regular pedometer. There was little to no difference between the two Fitbits for me. The app and the pedometer were not even comparable in accuracy. We often walk a 3 mile path that we have verified with a bike and a car as well. The rural roads here are also named by the mile and half mile distance in our county. So, we knew and could track our mileage before purchasing the FB and knew that the apps and the pedometers were not always right. I LOVE my fitbit!!

Originally Posted by WoodLily View Post
Checking in for miles walked in April: 91.3
Total miles for the year = 414 Miles so far are all from walking.

Here is a fitbit FYI for step/mile accuracy.

I have both the Flex and Zip. I have had the Zip for about 2 years and recently got the Flex so I could also track my sleep patterns. I have noticed that the Flex does not give an accurate count on the treadmill or when walking through stores pushing a cart. When I have worn both for a full day to check one against the other, I have found the Flex can register from 1400 to 2000 steps less than the Zip for the full day. It appears that arm movement greatly affects the accuracy of the Flex.

I know my zip is very accurate as my treadmill also counts steps and it is always spot on with the Zip. Since I have only my Flex linked to my fitbit account, I now wear the Flex hooked to my belt loop when I use the treadmill or shop. After doing that and rechecking with the Zip it has brought the difference in step counts between the two down to about 350 per day, which is acceptable to me. I am hoping that once I can get outside to walk, the increased arm movement will help with the accuracy of the Flex.
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