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Loved the article Larry ...I have been following this WOE for two months now and have lost 22 pounds...I'm not quite sure I have my fat ratio down to what it needs to be as I still find I have the low fat mind set from everything I've been taught in the past and I'm sure that is slowing me down at times.

I recently had all my blood work done and my total cholesterol is 123 after eating this way for two triglycerides are down as well ...the most important thing though is that my A1C ( I'm a type 2 diabetic ) is down to 5.3 far I'm a success story ...

I am still learning though and do have questions ...for instance I normally use olive oil when I'm cooking some meat or sauteeing something in a pan ...are you saying it's better for me to use the grass fed butter or coconut oil ( which I bought but haven't used yet ) ?

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