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Thank you for the welcomes, Tricia, GosfordGirl, BillBE, GardenerJoy, and National Parker! And welcome, Wannabe and Millie!

I'm not sure how I found Beck's book and the forum--possibly a google search led me to the forum first and *then* I learned about the book. I was probably searching under "naturally thin people." My eating has been so out-of-whack the last few years that I've lost all sense of what's normal.

GardenerJoy, we live so near each other! (I'm in St. Louis.)

I've been trying to take GosfordGirl's advice and just read a lot to try to get a sense of everyone. I think it will still take some time to get the names down, but it has been good to read about people's progress and challenges.

In the meantime it's been helpful to me to read my advantages and values card 2X a day (I actually have it in my notes app on my cell so I can read it any time basically) and a NO CHOICE card. I was skipping ahead with that one and I am going to do the whole plan, but it was such a good idea I had to do it immediately. I always struggle with this because I am good at following rules if they're firm, but I would make eating rules in my head and then "revise" or modify them in the moment. Spending a lot of time thinking about them and then explicitly writing them down to read 2x a day has been helpful *so* far. I have actually used them three times already to rule out (or cut short, once I noticed I was doing it) certain behaviors.

My NO CHOICE card says:
I don't take thirds, ever.
I never take seconds at home. I can always eat more at the next meal.
I don't eat desserts when I'm alone--only along with others who are also having dessert.
When I'm alone I never read or watch t.v. while I'm eating.
I never eat in my bedroom.

I'm curious what other people have decided isn't a choice they have to make anymore?
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