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Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
Interesting info 65. I knew maintenance would take some fiddling for me to figure out what exactly would work for me - I just didn't expect to feel bad quite so fast! But I'm down a pound today and not feeling so bloated so I feel somewhat better and a bit more in control.

Interesting website. I agree with you that keeping the carbs lower than what most "normal" people can handle is going to be essential for me to maintain my loss. Where that falls I think will just be a matter of figuring it out. coach used a MUCH slower approach to adding food and esp carbs. She is a Chiro...has some weight issues off and on and I think she gets it and is on target with how she advised me.

The Volek book and research really indicate the point where you start to gain is where your sensitivity to carbs is and advocates slow-w-w-ly approaching the discovery point for your carb threshold..and once determining it...ratchet back a little! Keep monitoring. IP could do a better job of this....and as I said...there is a PSYCHOlogical element that is frustrating if one thinks PHYSIOlogically...things are going to work right.

Better to expect the far as that goes and find out are someone who CAN eat the whole enchilada! (And I bet they will be taller than 5'2")
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