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S/C/G: start weight: 350 lbs

Height: 5'5"

Default How do you tackle bone pain when walking?

I have never tried to exercise at this weight before and I am running into a problem I'm not sure how to deal with:

I can't seem to walk more than about 1/2 mile before my leg bones (shins, ankles and knees) start to hurt pretty bad. I have pretty supportive shoes and it's not muscle soreness - but bone pain. I had always been able to walk a couple miles at a time when I was 280ish, but now that I am 320 I just can't

My Dr. isn't very helpful, just attaching it to "because I am so fat" or "we could do tests" I can't afford.......

the only thing I can think of is to stay at the 1/2 mile and do other exercise until my weight comes down (maybe chair exercises or swimming over the summer)

Does anyone have experience with this? Does yoga or stretching help? Do vitamins help? (my calcium came back a bit low - but not bad)

I am sad because walking has been my go to exercise, and so appreciate any help you can give.
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