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Well i had a big day trying to deal with my procrastination issues. I had a great discussion with my psychologist and as a result i'm going to try a few things, hopefully tomorrow.

We talked about me being an all or nothing type of person, among many other things. The computer is one thing keeping me away from work. So, long story short, tomorrow i'm going to try a new thing. I'm going to start banishing myself from the building that houses my computer and try to spend the whole day up in my workroom. It means i will have to take my lunch up there and get a fridge going for storing milk.

you see, i was starting to think about the necessity of hiring a place to work in town. But it is ridiculous to go that far when i have money issues and already a great work space right here. So i have to try to change my work habits and instead of coming and going all day long from computer, even when things are best, i will just stay up there. That's the plan. So if i have a break from sewing, i can do other things like read or sleep or anything else but not come back near the computer house.

the hard part will be making myself get off the computer in the morning and go up there by a suitable time. I'd like to say before 10am.
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