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Well i'm 50 already now that you mention it and i'm doing it too. And this is the last time!!!!

But i wanted to say, that reading up on how difficult it is to lose weight with menopause, and all that that does to your body, its a good idea to deal with it before then i think. So get cracking but i hope you have plenty of time up your sleeve because if you have to hurry yourself, you will most likely fail even if its not until you get to your goal. It may be better to slow down and make it 51 if you haven't got much time before 50.

So don't rush, just be committed. And don't fall for traps like - oh i have been so good lately, i deserve a reward or …. i'm sick of my boring food i need a change…. or i'm going on holidays so i can't watch what i eat when i'm on holiday etc etc.

If you don't have rules to avoid these pitfalls you may well fall in a heap.

Make some rules that you know work for you and stick with them through thick and thin. some of my rules i had to refine as i went along but i still have rules that i follow strictly.

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